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We’ve got everything you need to solve your aquatic controller problems. From raising alkalinity of water and adjusting pH to reducing chlorine levels in your pool, we’ve got you covered. Not only this, you will get the needed chemicals in the most effective physical form; granular, powder, flakes, tablets, liquid or crystals.

Accu-TabⓇ Blue SI tablets

Accu-TabⓇ Blue SI tablets

Our Accu-Tab Ⓡ Tablets made of Calcium Hypochlorite are eroded to provide a residual of chlorine in your pool. For use in our Accu-Tab Ⓡ Chlorination System.

  • Tablet form disinfectant and oxidizer, contains 65-75% available chlorine content, for commercial aquatic use. Includes scale inhibitor (SI).
  • NSF Standard 50 listed.
  • Available in #55 lb. pails.
  • MUST be used in Accu-TabⓇ chlorination systems in order to maintain manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to do so may result in damage to equipment and/or serious bodily injury.
  • Can only be sold in NC and SC.
Precaution is always better. Before you use the product, read the complete Safety Data Sheet for Accu-Tab Ⓡ SI Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets here.

Acid-RiteⓇ pH Adjustment tablets

The tablets lower pH and are made of acid-based Sodium Bisulfate. If the pH rises above a set point, the Acid-Rite Ⓡ pH Adjustment System will kick on to release these tablets. 

  • Tablet form, pressed, for pH and alkalinity adjusting; NSF Standard 50 listed for approved use in swimming pools and spas.
  • Available in #45 lb. pails.
  • MUST be used in Acid-RiteⓇ pH adjustment systems in order to maintain manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to do so may result in damage to equipment and/or serious bodily injury.
  • Can only be sold in NC and SC.
We always care about your safety. Therefore, we have a complete Safety Data Sheet for Acid-Rite Ⓡ  tablets here
Acid-RiteⓇ pH Adjustment tablets
Muriatic Acid

Muriatic Acid

The liquid form product, Muriatic acid, lowers pH levels or lower your alkalinity.

  • This is a strong acid used to reduce pH and total alkalinity, and clean scale or acid wash surfaces.
  • Available in case of (4) 1 gal. bottles, and 15 gal. drums.
Also, check out the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of Muriatic Acid here for a safer and better experience with the product.

Cyanuric Acid

Typically known as conditioner or stabilizer, this is like putting sunglasses on your pool. It directly blocks UV rays so you don’t burn off your chlorine as quickly.

  • Be cautious not to over-saturate your pool because then it could lock up your chlorine and render it ineffective. When it doubt, schedule us for some quick service.
  • Granular form stabilizer and conditioner for outdoor bodies of water. Used to reduce UV effects resulting in loss of chlorine.
  • Effective with all types of chlorine.
  • Available in #100 lb. drums.
Precaution is always better. Read the complete Safety Data Sheet of Cyanuric Acid here to get a safer product experience.
Cyanuric Acid
Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite

Our granular product, Calcium Hypochlorite, is typically used for shocking high elevations of chlorine.

  • It is usually used if you’re getting high chloramines. For that, you would administer a high dose to burn off the organics. 
  • You can also use this if there’s a spill or accident in the pool and you need to throw granular on it for 30 minutes. It is used directly in the pool.
  • Granular form of the product is a disinfectant and an oxidizer that contains 68% available chlorine content. Used to kill bacteria, destroy organic contaminants and control algae.
  • Available in #50 and #100 lb. pails.
Also, check out the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) here for using Calcium Hypochlorite.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is used to adjust the calcium hardness of your pool and it raises it. 

  • Plaster pools need a certain amount of calcium to give the chemicals something else to chew on, rather than your plaster.
  • Flake form of the chemical, used to raise hardness of water in pool.
  • Available in #50 bags.
Also, read the Safety Data Sheet SDS for Calcium Chloride here in order to have a safer experience with the chemical.
Calcium Chloride
Soda Ash Light 50

Soda Ash

This chemical, soda ash, is typically used to raise your pH if you overfeed your acid.

  • Also, if you’re trying to lower your alkalinity and you’ve accidentally killed your pH, you can use this product to raise the pH.
  • Water soluble powder used to raise pH and alkalinity.
  • Available in #50 bags.
Also, check out the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Soda Ash here to have a safer and better experience.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Bicarbonate, a target chemical, is used to raise your alkalinity and keep it within a certain range.
  • Doing this helps stabilize your pH.
  • This product is in powder form and is used to raise total alkalinity content with a small change in pH. It also makes pH level easier to maintain.
  • Available in #50 lb. bags.
Also, check out the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Sodium Bicarbonate here before you use it to have a safer experience with the product.
Sodium Bicarbonate
sodium thiosulfate 50

Soda Ash

Sodium Thiosulfate (Crystal) is a chemical used to lower your chlorine. Let’s say you shock your pool overnight but you know in the morning prior to opening, you’re going to have to lower it.
  • This drops your chlorine quickly.
  • Crystal form of the product is used to reduce chlorine in pool and spa water, and remove color-reducing effects of bleach in sample testing.
  • Available in #50 lb. bags.
Precautions are always better. Please check out the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Sodium Thiosulfate here.
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